On Becoming A True Leader - Explore the Leader within you

Date :
Monday, 04-12-2006 until Wednesday, 06-12-2006
07:30 - 17:00

Venue :
Bumi Karsa Hotel
Komplek Bidakara
Jl. Gatot Subroto
Jakarta, INA

Fee :
Rp 4.100.000,-

Seminar/Conference Description :
Leadership is based on the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow. One of the most dangerous situations for businesses today is the high number of men and women in leadership positions who aren't leaders. Many of these people are good managers: trained well in technical aspects of the job. But they lack a balance of leadership skill and thus can't bring the best out of themselves, others or their organization. Many good managers have become extremely successful in their roles, but without strong leadership ability they will never reach their potential or help those in their charge reach theirs.

We may wonder how the prophets who had nothing-neither position of authority nor held the position of great power-has had enormous influence to the entire world. Their reputation is held in highest esteem to this day. Amazingly, their names are known globally today, some thousand years after they lived.

So, what or who is a leader? How to become a true leader? How successful leaders approach life and work? How to create and lead the team? This training has the answers!

This course is designed to help participants discover the heart, soul and mind of true leadership as well as explore leadership roles as strategist, change agent, coach, manager, communicator, mentor and team member. Thus, help them to develop their own unique leadership style for maximum impact and get ready for the future challenges and responsibilities.

This 3-day course is built around a combination of lecture, discussion and practical application. The major highlights on this class are:

  1. On Becoming a True Leader-Motivation and Stimulation; On Becoming a True Leader; Lifting People to Higher Level; Real Success; etc
  2. Effective Communication
  3. Application and Implementation-Personality Development and Improvement

By the end of the course participant can expect to:

  • Learn how to identify the strengths and weaknesses of his/her current leadership style
  • Obtain feedback on his/her current leadership skills
  • Understand the difference between leading versus managing others
  • Learn how to coach and motivate others more effectively
  • Develop the skills necessary to build an effective team
  • Enhance competence for communicating with and coaching others
  • Have a realistic plan for the wisest use of your resources and your time
  • Gain a strong sense of your abilities to lead others and manage in complex systems effectively


  • Learn how to motivate a team, including "difficult" people and ability to provide direction to a group of individuals working toward a common goal
  • Have a broader understanding of "leadership" and how to relate it to "power" and "influence"
  • Learn the secrets of successful leadership and what is a real success?
  • Be able to identify and building the dynamics of a winning team and discover the power of praise
  • Have successful strategies for improving internal relationships and becoming a person of influence
  • Be able to provide coaching and feedback to peers on an on-going basis so participants can help one another develop their leadership skills

Who Should Attend? :

  • Anyone in a leadership position, or aspiring to earn a leadership position, develop the mind set and skills it takes to lead effectively and reap significant gains in productivity both personally and from those they lead
  • Anyone who wish to unlock and explore the leader within you!

Speaker :

  1. Elyus Lanin, Drs. Msi.
    Alumnus Universitas Indonesia, yang mendalami Ilmu Komunikasi di Pasca Sarjana UI ini tertarik dan terjun di bidang Manajemen sebagai Konsultan / Fasilitator Training sejak tahun 1984. Beberapa perusahaan yang pernah dan masih menggunakan jasanya antara lain adalah Bank Indonesia, BCA, PT. Indosat Tbk, Pertamina, PT.SMART Tbk, PT. Freeport, PT. HM Sampoerna , Indomobil, Pt Kertas Karft Aceh, PT. Unilever Indonesia, PT. Timah Tbk, RCTI, PT. Samudra Indonesia, BAPPENAS, Bank Mandiri dan lain-lain.
  2. Leila Mona Ganiem, S.Pd, M.Si
    Leila Mona Ganiem, S.Pd, M.Si is a prominent speaker, writer and coach a communicator by profession for over 14 years. She developed and helps transform the way people interact with each other; advises on all aspects of appearance, style, colour, and the most effective use of body language in presentations. Miss Monas field of expertise includes Acting Communication, Effective Communication, Expression, Service Excellent, Business Presentation, Public Relations, Negotiation, Media Relations, Crisis Management, and Master of Ceremony.
    She has written countless communication articles for many top national magazines including Nova, Kartini and Femina, thus national and international newspapers and spent her pre-communication career working for national radio and Pakistani TV station as presenter. In addition to that she also acts as a key speaker for various seminars, guest for talk show, and instructor of communication in international personality development school in Jakarta.

Outline :

    • What Is Success-Broadening The Perspective of -Real Success
    • The First Foundation Of Success
    • Characteristics of Successful People
    • Developing The Winning Attitude
    • The Power Of Dreams
    • What Makes You a Leader
    • Are You More Manager Than Leader?
    • The Cost of Leadership
    • On Becoming a Person Of Influence
    • Introduction to Effective Communication
    • What Is It-In People's Head
    • Recognizing and Overcoming Barriers in -Communications
    • Communication Techniques-How to communicate in -business (customer, colleague, business client, -superior, subordinate) and social communities (friends, family and others)
    • Assertiveness
    • First Time Impression
    • Business Etiquette
    • How to Represent Yourself-be able to adopt different influencing styles depending on the situation and the person you are seeking to influence with
    • Body Language-smile, eye contact, expression, body posture, shake hand, voice, performance and more
    • First Time Impression
    • Business Etiquette
    • Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
    • Public Speaking
    • Effective Listening
    • Class Discussion and Open Dialogue

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