The Psychology of Talent Management

9-10 Januari 2007
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All organizations are looking for gifted, motivated and loyal staff. They recognize this as a major key to their future success.

But what is talent? Where you find it? How can you measure it? And what are the issues in managing talented individuals? Are talent types particularly prone to breakdown? Can you take 'average types' and exploit their talent?

This course will answer these questions by bringing together findings from many of the social sciences, particularly organizational psychology.

Course Content

Day 1
Main stream of Talent Management : Strength Based Vs. Weakness Based
Identifying and measuring high-flyers
Defining talent, fast-stream, high-flyers
o who are they?
o what is their typical background?
· The psychology of giftedness, genius and creativity
o what do we know about especially creative individuals in the arts and sciences?
o is talent born or made?
· Cognitive ability and social intelligences
o what is the ability profile of high average vs. high-flyers?
o what are their preferences and values?
· Case studies of high-flyers
o can we develop a profile of what to look for when trying to recruit and select high-flyers?
o what motivates the high-flyer?
· Case studies from organizations that have adopted talent management
o how can the organization gain competitive advantage by managing talent?

Day 2
· Assessing, managing and developing talent in people
· Assessment centers for special talent
o Instruments to assess talent
o Personality Assessment Tools : MBTI, DiSC, 16 PF
o Intellectual and Aptitude Tools : WPT, Hay Battery test
o Attitude, Preference and Interest Tools : SDS, RMIB
o Strength Finder Tools
· Coaching, mentoring and developing the best
o coaching people to develop their knowledge, social skills and political awareness
o succession planning and career development
o How do organizations retain these talented people?
· The Icarus syndrome: preventing derailment and spotting problem cases early
o personality disorders associated with narcissism and sociopath
· Rewarding talented people
o do talented people need different reward incentives?
o social vs. monetary rewards
· A cost-benefit analysis of seeking out the very best as opposed to the very good.

Who Should Attend

Those involved with recruitment and selection, coaching and mentoring, developing and advising fast-stream, talented joiners and those identified as high-flyers in middle management.

By the end of the course you will be able to

describe the characteristics of talented people
measure the abilities, preferences and values of individuals in order to evaluate talent
use various empirically tested conceptual models of
a creativity
personality disorders
cognitive ability
social intelligences
explain where to recruit talented individuals
consider the implications of managing, coaching and developing fast-stream high-flyers.
assess some of the special needs with regards to rewarding talented individuals and their possibly special reward packages.

Heru Wiryanto
Beliau adalah Lulusan Psikologi Universitas Padjadjaran, Ketua Kompartemen Alat Ukur dan Metode Pemeriksaan Psikologi Himpunan Psikologi Indonesia (Pengurus Pusat Himpsi), Member dari American Psycholgist Association, British Psychologist Society, beliau juga Assisted the International Personnel Management Assoc Assessment Council, Master Trainer for Graphology and Psychometric Tools. Sekarang beliau sedang menyelesaikan program S3 di Universitas Indonesia.
Tanggal & Waktu
9-10 Januari 2007
9.00 s/d 16.00 WIB

HRD Forum Training Centre
IS Plaza Building, Lt 9
Jl Pramuka Raya Kav 151 - Jakarta Timur

Rp. 3.500.000,- Tanpa User Licence Strenght Finder Gallup & Buku Asli dari Gallup
Rp. 4.000.000,- Dengan User Licence Strenght Finder Gallup & Buku Asli dari Gallup

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