Compensation & Benefits (C&B) Cource

(Organizer : Fiqry Jaya Manunggal)

Date :
Wednesday, 17-01-2007 until Friday, 19-01-2007
08:00 - 17:00

Venue :
Millennium Sirih Hotel
Jl. Fachrudin No.3
Jakarta, INA

Fee :
Rp 4.950.000,-

Seminar/Conference Description :
Objectives :

  1. Participants understand the Challenge and Treat of Salary Policy in line with Government Regulations
  2. Participants understand the philosophy and concept of Salary and Benefits
  3. Share know-how to other participants and looking best practice may implemented in its company

Who Should Attend? :
Everyone who is interested in compensation & benefits for employees as re welcome to attend this training such as:

  1. Human Resources Manager
  2. Compensations & Benefits team
  3. Team Leader of Serikat Pekerja
  4. People who deal with outsourcing and PWT employees

Speaker :
Saifudin Bachrun
Saifudin Bachrun got academic for Chemical Analysis of Department of Industry Republic of Indonesia Bogor. He also graduated from Institute of Industrial Management Department of Industry Republic of Indonesia. He also one of founder of Indonesian Industrial Relation Association.

Mr. Saifudin has more 25 years experience in Personnel Management, Human Resources Department and Industrial Relations area. Working in various positions with multinational companies such as: PT. Amoco Mitsui, PT.MATTEL Indonesia, PT.CABOT Indonesia, PT. Maxus Southeast Sumatra, oil company as Head of HR Planning and Development.

He received many reward from companies such as: Mattell Inc. CEO (Head Quarter at El Segundo, California, USA) on Crisis Management, the Best Cabot Worldwide Employee Role Model from Cabot CEO, Boston, USA.

Outline :

  1. Company C&B Objective
  2. C&B Policy and Strategy
  3. Wage and Salary
  4. Total Compensation
  5. Labor intensive Company Practice
  6. Capital Intensive Company Practice
  7. Pro & Con Clean Wage and Gross Wage
  8. Internal Pay Relation and Analysis
    • Work Study
    • Job Design
    • Job Evaluation
    • What you have
  9. External Pay Relation and Analysis
    • Salary Survey
    • Salary Adjustment
    • Salary Increase
  10. Pay For 3Ps
  11. Designing Variable Incentive
    • Individual Incentive
    • Group Incentive
    • Company Wide Incentive
    • Sales Incentive
  12. Government Regulation
    • Minimum Wage
    • Jamsostek
    • Compensation on Termination
    • Compensation on Suspension
    • Pension Fund
  13. Case Study: and more for discussion


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