International Business Negotiations Skills

(Organizer : Maxima Consulting)

Date :
Tuesday, 16-01-2007 until Wednesday, 17-01-2007
08:00 - 17:00

Venue :
Grand Flora Hotel
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 7
Tlp. 719 8000
Jakarta, Indonesia

Fee :
Rp 2.750.000,-

Seminar/Conference Description :
Today's globalization requires professionals to deal with their counterparts in countries with different economic, cultural, legal, and political environments. You may need to resolve a dispute with a supplier, finalize a counterproposal for a state owned enterprise, or lead a multicultural team. When negotiators are from diverse cultures, they often rely on quite different assumptions about social interactions, economic interests, and political realities. Consequently, culturally sensitive negotiating skills are necessary for managing in an international setting. This program will help managers and professionals acquire knowledge and develop skills that are indispensable in today's global business environment, know how to avoid mistakes and optimize their goals, and strengthen the skills that are key to success in conducting business in a multicultural environment. The delivery of this training will be in Bahasa Indonesia

Speaker :

  1. Steve Asikin, Ir., MBA
    Senior Consultant
    Steve is a Professional Trainer and Lecturer, graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) and PPM Graduate School of Management. He also attended various management trainings and seminars in Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia. He has conducted management and marketing trainings in several companies with good results. He has more than 15 years of working experience at some private companies in the Senior Manager's positions, and as Consultant to some big companies.
  2. Twela Gunawan, SE., MM
    Managing Director Maxima Consulting
    Twela is a Professional Trainer who has extensive teaching and training experience in several large companies. He has conducted Public and In-house trainings with excellent results since 1990. A graduate of Faculty of Economics University of Indonesia, and has attended various management trainings in Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Australia. He has about 20 years of working experience in some big National and Multi National Companies as General Manager, and also as a Professional Staff to Lembaga PPM. He is currently Managing Director of Maxima Consulting, while teaching at the Master of Management Program at some prominent universities in Jakarta.

Outline :

  1. Overview of International Business Negotiations
  2. Role of Culture in Cross-Border Negotiations
    • Effect of Culture on Negotiation
    • Understanding Culture
    • Traits for Coping with Culture
  3. Selecting your Negotiating Style
    • Style Differences among Negotiators
    • Appropriate Negotiating Style
    • Determining a Negotiation Style
  4. Prenegotiations Planning
    • Defining the Issues
    • Knowing Ones Position, Other Sides Position, the Competition, Ones Negotiation Limits
    • Developing Strategies and Tactics
    • Planning the Negotiation Meeting
  5. Initiating International Business Negotiations
    • Making the First Offer
    • Making Concessions
    • Influencing Negotiation
  6. Price Negotiations
    • Pricing Factors & Planning for Price Negotiation
    • Into Negotiations
    • Guidelines for Price Negotiations
  7. Closing Business Negotiations
    • Methods of Closing Negotiations
    • Choosing a Closing Method & Time to Close
  8. Undertaking Renegotiations
    • Reasons for Renegotiation
    • Types of Renegotiation
    • Approaches to Renegotiation
  9. Communication Skills for Effective Negotiations
    • Cross-Cultural Communication-Related Problems
    • Improving Communication in Negotiation
    • Nonverbal Communication
  10. Exposing the Secrets of Power Negotiations
    • Sources of Power
    • Estimating Negotiating Power
    • Being an Effective Negotiator

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