Internal Controls Complying With Sarbanes - Oxley Act Section 302 And 404

(Organizer : Focus Traconindo)

Date :
Thursday, 28-12-2006 until Friday, 29-12-2006
08:30 - 17:00

Venue :
Sahid Raya Hotel
Jl. Pantai Kuta

Bali, Indonesia

Fee :
Rp 2.950.000,-

Seminar/Conference Description :
About The Course
Based on these sections of the SOX, every business process must be equipped by risk-control matrix relationships. It means that the business process always consists of one or more risks, and then every risk should be controlled in order to mitigate its impact. On one hand, if the risks are not controlled, the business process will be threatened to become ineffective and inefficient, and eventually the disclosure of financial reporting will be inconsequential. On the other hand, implementation of the control should be evaluated regularly to assess its effectiveness. For this reason, a company should empower its internal auditors in order to audit the implementation of its internal control, especially internal control over financial reporting (ICOFR).

By course end participant should be able to:
- Understanding Internal Control-Integrated Framework COSO version
- Identifying business process
- Defining risks involving in the business process
- Defining controls relating to the risks
- Assessing effectiveness of internal control design
- Assessing effectiveness of internal control operation
- Understanding CSA (Control-Self Assessment)
- Understanding system review/ walkthrough and test of control
- Classifying findings of internal control weaknesses into significant deficiency and material weakness

Make a company healthy
- Bring a company up in controlling so this will be rising effectiveness and efficiencies in operations
- Make company's human resources controllable
- Hinder financial reporting misstatements

Paket Training Internal Controls Complying With Sarbanes - Oxley Act Section 302 And 404 & Informaton System Audit (IT Audit) biaya :
Rp 5.400.000

Who Should Attend? :
- Finance and Accounting Supervisors and Managers
- Process Owners relating to generate financial statements
- Operation Managers or Supervisors who need to understand how to comprehend risks then how to control them in order to improve process initiation, its authorization, its recording, its processing, and its reporting.
- Everyone in production as well as human resources department and others who expect to take away techniques, template and tips to improve their department's performance and decision-making

Speaker :
Lukman Abdurrahman,Ir, MIS, QIA

Outline :
1. Acknowledgement of Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002 (SOX)
- Background: Cases of Enron and WorldCom, etc.
- Philosophy of SOX
- Sections related to global business (Section 302 and 404)

2. Internal Control-Integrated Framework COSO version
- About COSO
- Internal Control of COSO
- Risk Concepts (Enterprise Risk Management)
- Implementation of ICOFR

3. Evaluation of Implementation of Internal Control
- Control Self Assessment
- Risk-Based Audit
- ICOFR Audit

4. Audit ICOFR
- System Review/ Walkthrough
- Test of Control
- Level of effectiveness of ICOFR Design
- Level of Compliances of ICOFR Operation
- Conclusion of Audit
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